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When is it Appropriate to Put A Picture of Yourself on Your Book Cover?

Photo of the authorA lot of authors, once they’ve finished their initial book writing process, come across a task that could be considered even more difficult – making a book cover. Whether they make it themselves or get it done at a professional book cover designing company, it’s an important factor to how popular the book is going to be and therefore a big thing that authors stress about.

Here’s the thing: your book cover has about three seconds to catch someone’s eye before they decide whether or not to buy it.

So when is it appropriate to put a picture of yourself on your book cover? Should you even do it at all? The answers below will help authors in need of book cover advice further decide what to put and what not to put on their future award-winning book cover.

If It’s An Autobiography Or Your Bill Gates

If you’ve written a book about yourself, or you’re someone well known and a lot of people will recognize your face, then by all means put your face on your book cover. If anything, this will give you an advantage. However, if you’re not famous or well known, or you’re not writing a book about yourself, then hopefully you have other reasons for even wanting your face on a book cover.

If It’s Fiction Or Nonfiction But Not Relating To You

If you’ve written a book that has nothing to do with yourself – especially if it’s fiction – then your face has no business being on your book cover. Unless you’re trying to market yourself as an author, then your best bet is to find something appealing that will catch the eye quickly to put on your book cover instead. And unless you’re a show stopping model, you’re face probably won’t catch people’s eyes immediately.

If Not On The Front Cover, Then Where Can I Put My Face?

If you’re dead set on having a picture of you somewhere on or in your book, then there are a few other options you might consider. The first option is have your picture on the back cover, where it describes a little bit about yourself, just below the summary of your book. That way, people will still see your face but it won’t be the first thing they look at. Instead, they’ll see the front cover first and be interested enough to actually turn it over and read the back cover.

Another option is putting it on the last page of your book, or on the inside of the cover. This is what a lot of well-known authors do. It allows you to get your picture out there and still look professional.

No matter where you decide to put your picture on or in your book – or if you decide to not put a picture of yourself at all – now you’ve made one more decision on how your book cover is going to look. As you brainstorm and consider other options, your book cover will look beautiful and elegant in no time.