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How to Write a Good Travel Guidebook

Traveling bagsSo, you’ve travelled to a certain amount of places, and you want to make a travel guidebook so that the rest of the world can shape their experiences around yours. But where do you start? How do you even write a travel guidebook? Follow the steps below to begin the journey of writing your very own travel guidebook.

Figure Out What Kind of Guidebook You Want To Write

There are tons of different types of guidebooks. There are specialized ones, such as a guidebook for a specific kind of person; there are regional guidebooks, destination guidebooks, and so on. It’s up to you; based on your interests and what you want to write, of how you’re going to go about choosing which type of guidebook you want.

Pick Specific Locations

Whether you want to do a travel guidebook on the entire west coast of North America or just California, you need to know your location in and out. Create an outlined map for each location you choose and lay it out in detail. Keep in mind that any part you leave out could mean the reader missing out on something that might be important to them.

Gather Way Too Much Information

More is definitely better with a travel guidebook. Make sure to gather as many pictures as you can of the locations you’ll be writing about, and find out interesting facts, history, and details that the reader might want to know. If you have an easy way for the reader to get out of traffic in a certain area, the best place to eat in a certain spot, or even the best hotel to stay at, make sure you mention it within your book at some point.

Ask for Other People’s Opinions

When you’re finished, reread your book and add in any detail you could’ve left out. Ask a friend or relative to read it and get them to critique it as honestly as they can. Ask them if you left anything out that they wondered about, or if they have any questions that you didn’t answer in the book. Every detail counts.

No matter what kind of travel guidebook you write, make sure that it’s the best travel guidebook for that specific area or type of person. Compare your book with others that have to do with the same area or person and see if yours can compete with it. Thanks to these tips, along with a little creativity and a good memory, you can make an excellent travel guidebook.

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