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How to Use Social Media to Promote Your Book

Book promotionAs any good author knows, a big reason as to why any novel becomes successful is the amount and quality of marketing it has behind it. By marketing your book, you get more people interested and talking about it. What most people underestimate when it comes to marketing, however, is the power that social media marketing can have over your book. Here are a few ways to utilize social media to promote your book.

Build A Social Media Presence

The first thing to do is to set up multiple social media sites strictly for your business or book. This could mean any number of them: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Tumblr, and so on. Once you’ve set them up, make sure they’re linked to any other social media sites you might have, so that all of your friends can see them. Otherwise, invite as many people as you can to the site; get the word out, and get people talking about your book.

Connect with People

An important part of using social media to promote your book is to update statuses, keep up with any comments and messages, and ultimately use your social networking sites regularly. If you’re taking a tour for book signing, or coming out with the first edition of your paperback, or whatever it may be, make sure you address it in your social media websites.

Offer Something Valuable

An excellent form of marketing as far as social media goes is offering deals, coupons, or other savings just for the people that go to your social media sites. This could be performed in a number of ways. You could reward people for inviting their friends to your pages, give them deals just for coming to your page, and so on. The possibilities are endless, and people love free or reduced price things; such as that handy book you just wrote that you’re trying to promote through your social media sites!

Here’s a video from Vanessa with some useful tips on how to use Twitter to promote a book.

Social media doesn’t have to just be used for promoting your book; it can be used to promote everything and anything, so long as you follow the steps given above. Promoting your book through social media can make it a lot more successful than you’d originally planned, if utilized correctly with the right amount of luck. As long as you have the right skill as a writer and portray it by promoting your well-written book, people will respond in the positive manner that you want them to.