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How to Get Your Book Cover Noticed on Amazon

Sell book on AmazonFirst impression is everything. Though people say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, a majority of readers do just that. In order to get your book more than just picked up off the shelf and then set right back down, it needs to have that certain spark that draws the eye and carries the attention span for longer than a few seconds; you need an excellent book cover. Here are a few tips on how to get your book cover noticed on Amazon.

Have an Interesting Font

But not too interesting; meaning, don’t have a font that people find difficult to read. Though the squiggly and wild fonts may be cute at the moment to you, in the long run you’ll realize how much your readers despise it. Pick a font that’s different from the norm while still appeasing to the readers eyes.

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Pick an Excellent Color

Color pickerIf you’re using a background color instead of a design, choose one that’s easy on the eyes, just like the font. Examples of bad choices would be neon colors. Also using colors that don’t match your font color will make the reader not even want to pick up your book. Alternatively, choose a color that accentuates your font choice and color. If your font color is black, use a white background; or vice versa. No matter what you choose, just make sure it blends well.

Be Creative and Assure Quality

Designing a book cover can be difficult and even the slightest flaw can mess up the reader’s perspective of it. You want a clean, organized cover that portrays the inside of your book to a tee. Make sure that you don’t get caught up in looking at the “pretty” aspect of your book cover; instead, focus on the important details. For instance, make a book cover that symbolizes you, your work, your struggles, or anything you found important along the way to the book’s final creation and publication.

Good vs Bad book cover

With the tips above, a little intuition, and the same creativity it took for you to write that wonderful book of yours, your book cover will get noticed on Amazon in no time.

Just Get Book Cover Ideas to Do It

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