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How to Get Someone to Review Your Book

Write book reviewSo, you’ve written a book, and you’re ready to get it published. But the number one thing to do that a lot of authors tend to overlook is getting someone to review their book before they send it off to publishing companies. As an author, it’s your job to make sure people outside your friends and family actually like your book – therefore, it’s your job to go find someone that will review your book honestly and critically, so that you can know if you need to fix anything before your manuscript lands in a publisher’s hands. Here are a few tips to getting someone to review your book.

Research The Right Kind Of Reviewer

In order to get the right kind of review for your book, you need to research reviewers in your genre that would actually be interested in the story you’ve written. If you try to get a reviewer experienced with mystery novels, but you’ve written a science fiction novel, they’re either going to give you a bad review or turn it away and tell you that you need to get someone else to review it.

Show Them you Deserve It

If you’ve found a reviewer in your genre that has is actually worth handing your book over to, you’ll need to convince him or her why your book is worth their time over someone else’s books. There are a few options for this. First, you can ask a few acquaintances that you know would be interested in your book to review it, then post those reviews somewhere at the back or front of your book so that your target reviewer can see it’s an interesting book and people actually like it.

Don’t Rush Things

If you send out your manuscript to one reviewer, you can’t expect them to respond immediately, or even within a few days after they’ve received your manuscript. Give them time to read over your book thoroughly in order to give you a nice, detailed review. Rushing your reviewer could also lead to a poorer, less-detail review. In this area, patience is key.

Send It To Multiple Reviewers

Don’t just choose one reviewer and stick with him or her – find all of the reviewers that you think would be interested in your novel and send it out to all of them. Not only does this give you more of a chance for success with getting responses, but getting back multiple positive reviews will only show positive light on your book.

It can be difficult find a book reviewer right for your book. But with the right know-how, a little research and a lot of patience, you can get those raving reviews you see in bestsellers all around the world.