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How to Create Ideas for Children’s Story Book

Children's story book ideasWriting a children’s book can be simple if you know how to do it properly. The only problem is, a lot of people get stuck with coming up with the actual children story book ideas. You’re writing a children’s book, but you don’t know where to start, or you’re pressed down somewhere along the way so that you just don’t know how to complete it. Here are some tips for writing a children’s book. By using these children story book ideas, you can make your own children’s book easily and efficiently.

1. Pick a Good Topic

One children story book idea is that you want to keep the kids interested when they’re looking through your book, so naturally you need a good subject. Though it could be virtually anything, from a fairy tale land starring a prince to the middle of a jungle starring Amazon creatures, it should have a moral to it. The point of making a children’s book is to teach them something through a positive, fun method. Come up with a topic that will get and keep their attention when you’re writing a children’s book.

2. Come Up With a Problem

Another children story book idea is that you, obviously, need a problem. The center of every story is the conflict – without a good problem, you don’t have a good book. Coming up with a problem of any kind, such as a princess being kidnapped or a hyena getting lost from its friends, will keep the children interested so that they can find out how a solution happens. Don’t make it too complex, as this is a children’s book. You want to make it short, simple, to the point, and entertaining.

3. Illustrations

If you’re not an artsy kind of person, you should consider hiring an illustrator or getting someone you know to help you illustrate your book. Half, if not more, of the fun of a children’s book is the pictures, especially to the children. So without any good illustrations, your book is just a “grown-up” book that they certainly won’t want to read. One children story book idea is to make sure that you have fun and entertaining illustrations that kids will love. You’re not only writing a children’s book, but explaining it through picture and colors for the children to understand even better.

4. Keep it Age Appropriate

Firstly, you need to decide which age range you’re writing for, whether it’s three to five years old, five to seven, and so on. The children story book idea, though, is to keep your children’s book in that range. Don’t write big words if you know that five year olds are supposed to be reading it. They don’t know what “supersede” or “belligerent” means. Use little words that most children their age will understand, and have the pictures in the same age range as well.

Writing a children’s book can be fun and rewarding. When you make your own children’s book, you can write about anything you want, not only for kids you don’t know but maybe your own children. Imagination and creativity are an important part of the children book process, but in the end it can bring you back to being a kid yourself again. Get in the mindset and let loose.

Have any more children story book ideas? Let us know! We love to get new ideas, and we love to hear your opinions. Don’t forget to check out our other blogs on tons of different topics of books, from batman to the Olympics.