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10 Tips for Great Book Cover Designs

Once you’ve finished writing your book, you’ll need a great cover to make it sell. Here are some tips for creating a great book cover:

1. Make Your Reader Feel The Emotion Behind The Book

He's Gone Novel bookYour images, text, font choice and color scheme should be aimed at getting the reader to feel what your book is about. Many authors make the mistake of telling the buyer what the book is about instead. Every element of the cover design should reflect the emotion in the book. For example, if you have a book that deals with dark matters, like abuse or crime, then your book cover should not necessarily be dark, but should reflect the emotions found in your book.

Some crime books have blood splatters or a weapon on the cover, this is a very “in your face” way of telling the reader what your book is about Read More >>

10 Best Non-Fiction Book Cover Ideas

Though many people consider non-fiction as boring, it can be a whole different story entirely with certain books. Non-fiction books allow you to reach deep inside the minds of those who have travelled the world, experienced adventures, or done something so life-endangering that they had to write a novel about it. You get to delve inside the brains of countless writers, without having to worry about whether or not something is true. Here are a few of the best non-fiction book covers, and the story behind their pretty exteriors.

Behind the Beautiful Forevers book1. Behind the Beautiful Forevers: Life, Death, and Hope in a Mumbai Undercity

As soon as your eyes land on the cover, you see the background of a desolate, poor city, worn down and littered with houses that can barely stand on their own. In front of this sad sight sits a girl, seemingly beautiful and looking up to the heavens, as if in search of an answer. It’s this girl that drags you into the novel, making you want to know her story; how she got there, how she lives, and how she plans to escape from her prison of living in a Mumbai undercity. Read More >>

Top 10 Book Gift Ideas for Mom

Gift ideas for mom
Now that the holidays are here again, you have to brainstorm as to what you’re going to get everyone as far as presents go – including your mother. Feeling a little lost as to what to get her? Here are a few of the best books that mothers will love. Read More >>

Top 10 Book Gift Ideas for Dad

Book gifts for dad

It’s that busy, holiday time of the year again. But this time, you want to get your mom or dad something meaningful. What’s more lasting and memorable than a book they’ll read again and again? Here are a few books that your dad will love. Read More >>

How to Get Someone to Review Your Book

Write book reviewSo, you’ve written a book, and you’re ready to get it published. But the number one thing to do that a lot of authors tend to overlook is getting someone to review their book before they send it off to publishing companies. As an author, it’s your job to make sure people outside your friends and family actually like your book – therefore, it’s your job to go find someone that will review your book honestly and critically, so that you can know if you need to fix anything before your manuscript lands in a publisher’s hands. Here are a few tips to getting someone to review your book. Read More >>

Why Do You Write A Book?

Write a bookAuthors write books for a lot of different reasons; money issues, creative outlets, and so on. When it comes to writing your book, though, what are you really writing it for? Is it for the money that you could get when copies start selling? The fame that comes with being a bestseller? Or do you just write from the bottom of your heart, in an effort to release all that creative energy? Read More >>