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3 Greatest Batman Book Covers of All Time

Batman Original LogoWith the tragic theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado, Batman has been getting a lot of publicity. Not only the newest one, The Dark Knight Rises, but many of the other books, movies, and merchandise for Batman have been kicking up a storm. Out of all the many books out there on Batman, about Batman, and based on Batman, here are the three best book covers we really think you’ll enjoy.

Batman and Robin, Vol. 1: Batman Reborn

Batman and Robin - Volume 1 BookThis book is packed with 168 pages of action and emotion. When Batman and Robin join together as partners to stop the infamous Domino Killer, pride attempts to get in the way of bringing their city justice.

The art on the cover is very comic book-like, with their shiny, futuristic vehicle in the background. Batman stands to the side, arms crossed, while Robin stands seemingly in the spotlight. The background is clean and simple; a light orange to accent the characters.

The top of the cover is saved for the headline and author’s names. Personally, I dislike the way the author’s names are set, in a sliding down motion until it gets to the headline, in a Minion Pro italic font. They could have stacked them on top of each other to the left of the headline, or maybe capitalized the author’s names to separate them better. The headline in question is bold like the art, in a huge Haettenschweiler font. The rest of the copy on the cover is taken up by a clean and simple Eras Light ITC font. All in all, this is a very good cover for a Batman novel.

The Dark Knight Rises: The Official Novelization

The Dark Knight Rises novel bookBased on the movie, this book takes you on a journey through Gotham City, leading you along as the adventures of Batman unfold. The Official Novelization is a book for true fans of anything Batman.

The cover is absolutely stunning. It’s the kind of cover you could stare at for hours and still be fascinated. The words are small in a simple font off to the bottom and top. The illustration is that of Batman from an almost ground angle, glaring down at you as a hulking silhouette. Behind him, the city opens up to form the shape of a flaming bat, symbolizing Batman’s mark in the sky and who he really is. Almost beyond words, this book is a definite buy, if not just to stare at the cover.

Batman and Psychology: a Dark and Stormy Knight

Batman A Dark and Stormy Knight BookUnderstand the world of Batman on a whole new level in this novel. You get a look inside Batman, Bruce Wayne, and all the other characters of Gotham City’s minds as Travis Langley, the author, picks every scene and thought from Batman apart. For those interested in the workings of the superhero or psychology in general, this is a necessary book to have.

The art on the cover is very interesting. You initially get a close-up silhouette of the face and neck of Batman, in costume. Then from the background emerge hundreds of bats, spinning around in the night like rain on the wind. All copy is placed inside the silhouette of Batman in a clean font that is very easy to read thanks to the color contrast.

Ever since the first appearance of Batman in the 1939 Detective Comics #27, this superhero without powers has struck hearts, raised controversy, and inspired hope. Conclusively, these three books are fascinating representations of the history and inner story of Batman, and are necessary reads for those even remotely interested in this superhero’s world.